Broadhead 3 Pack

Broadhead 3 Pack


Engineered to be as reliable as science allows, the Iron Will Outfitters vSeries broadheads were made to hunt as hard as you do. So when you're at full draw with the trophy of a lifetime downrange, you can count on your broadhead to finish the job. Epic stories come standard with every shot. 

  • A2 tool steel blades are made for impact toughness while retaining sharp edges.

  • Grade 5 titanium (v100) or hardened stainless steel (v125) ferrules keep your arrow's momentum driving through impact.

  • Back edge blades ensure maximum internal hemorrhaging.

  • Cut on contact Tanto tip for added piercing strength.

  • Low profile blades for optimal accuracy and penetration.

  • 100 or 125 Grains

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Patented Design (US Patent 10,054,409)

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