Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener

Carbide Broadhead and Knife Sharpener


Carry this compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use sharpener in your pack or leave it in camp for easy touch-ups while on the hunt. Extremely hard carbide sharpening elements are factory preset to the optimal angle for touching up Iron Will broadheads and knives. The military-grade aluminum base is both durable and lightweight, and features a honing surface on the back.

  • 2.0 x 0.75 inches

  • Weight: 15 grams

  • Lifetime Warranty

Use Instructions:
Set the broadhead or knife blade between the sharpeners and draw towards you, working from the rear to the tip. Use only light-to-moderate pressure. More strokes, not more pressure produces the best results. Repeat until the blade is sharp. For better grip and touch, keep broadheads on your arrows while sharpening.

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