c25 Impact Collars – Six Pack

c25 Impact Collars – Six Pack


These hardened stainless steel Impact Collars greatly increase the strength of the end of your arrow for the ultimate in bone penetration. Swiss CNC machined in the USA in the hardened state for unmatched precision. Six sizes total for .204 (5mm) and .166 (4mm) shafts to be used with HIT inserts. These collars have a 1.0 inch long sleeve, similar to a footer, but with a small flange that goes over and protects the end of the shaft and also holds them in place. They are held on by the broadhead or field point and epoxy can be used to further increase strength. The compatibility chart shows our recommended sizes for many arrows or you can choose the one with an inner diameter slightly larger than your arrow outer diameter.

  • Hardened Stainless Steel

  • 25 grains each

  • 1.0 inch long

  • 6 sizes available

  • 6 per package

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