k1 Ultralight Hunting Knife

k1 Ultralight Hunting Knife

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Designed for skinning and deboning large game animals with minimal weight and superior edge retention and toughness.

  • A2 tool steel blades maintain strength and toughness while reducing material for weight savings.

  • Proprietary steel hardening process ensures maximum edge retention.

  • Sharp edges on top side for ripping hide keeps the belly of the knife razor sharp for skinning and deboning multiple animals.

  • Includes Paracord that can be added for extra grip, removed for easy cleaning, or used for secondary purposes such as hanging quarters.

  • Extended finger grips for blade edge control.

  • Knife weight: 1 oz (28 grams)

  • Overall length 7.050 inches, blade length 2.85 inches.

  • Kydex sheath provides excellent protection in your pack.

  • Patent Pending

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How to Wrap the Handle of Your k1 Ultralight Hunting Knife with Paracord

Add Extra Grip to the Handle for Skinning and Deboning | Use Paracord to Hang Game Quarters | Remove Paracord for Easy Cleaning