v100 Broadheads – Three Pack

v100 Broadheads – Three Pack


The classic v100 Broadhead - Vented, A2 tool steel blades with a Grade 5 Titanium ferrule make up this 100 grain precision engineered head. And because you rely on it at your moment-of-truth, we stand behind it with a Lifetime Guarantee. US Patent 10,054,409

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“Let's be honest, we all work hard for our money. When I put my hard earned money on something it has to be quality… Quality, not quantity.”

- Greg T.

Iron Will 200x Magnification.jpeg

Iron Will Outfitters Blade Sharpness

200x Magnification

Broadhead Magnification.jpeg

Mid-Grade Competitor Blade Sharpness

200x Magnification



Broadhead Blade Impact Toughness

Impact Toughness.png

Broadhead Blade Hardness

Blade Hardness.png


Ferrule Strength


Iron Will v100 Specifications

  • A2 tool steel blades are made for impact toughness while retaining sharp edges.

  • Grade 5 titanium ferrule keeps your arrow's momentum driving through impact.

  • Back edge blades ensure maximum internal hemorrhaging.

  • Cut on contact Tanto tip for added piercing strength.

  • Low profile blades for optimal accuracy and penetration.

  • 100 Grains

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Patented Design (US Patent 10,054,409)

  • Blade Dimensions

    • Main Blade: 1.062 X 1.2 X .062 inches

    • Bleeder Blade: .75 X .25 X .062 inches