v125 Broadheads – Three Pack

v125 Broadheads – Three Pack


The classic v125 Broadhead - Vented, A2 tool steel blades with 17-4 PH hardened stainless steel ferrule make up this 125 grain precision engineered head. And because you rely on it at your moment-of-truth, we stand behind it with a Lifetime Guarantee. US Patent 10,054,409

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A2 Tool Steel Blades

These A2 steel blades provide optimal hardness for extremely sharp cutting edges and maximum durability. Iron Will Outfitters' proprietary triple temper heat treatment and cryogenic quench takes toughness to a new level so blades don't break on heavy bone impact.


Hardened Stainless Steel Ferrule

These 125 grain ferrules were designed to add weight to our 100 grain heads without creating a larger blade profile that sacrifices penetration and long range accuracy.


Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime shots, we can't leave anything to chance. Optimal materials and engineering allows us to stand behind our broadheads, guaranteeing them for life.


Cut on Contact Tanto Tip

We engineered these broadheads with extra steel near the tip of the blade for additional puncture strength and minimal friction. As an added bonus, pulling the tip back into a Tanto also prevents flight planing for greater accuracy at long distances.


Low Profile Blades

This vented, 1 1/16" cutting diameter main blade minimizes wind impact and maximizes big game penetration, so you can hit your mark and bring home more than a story. We added the 3/4" bleeder to unzip a wound channel for easy blood tracking.

broadhead with back edge blades.jpg

Back Edge Blades

Sharpened back bevels deliver your trophy with maximum internal hemorrhaging. And when you're tuning into a target, they ensure your broadheads return from the black hole to perform in the big game.

Custom Engraving

If you'd like to customize your Iron Will broadheads and their packaging for the most memorable hunts, our laser-marking technique looks as sharp as our blades. Available on the broadhead's back bevel and/or wood packaging.

Iron Will v125 Broadhead by Land Limited

Iron Will 200x Magnification.jpeg

Iron Will Broadhead Blade Sharpness

200x Magnification

Broadhead Magnification.jpeg

Mid-Grade Competitor Blade Sharpness

200x Magnification


Broadhead Blade Impact Toughness

Impact Toughness.png

Broadhead Blade Hardness

Blade Hardness.png


Ferrule Strength


Iron Will v125 Specifications

A2 tool steel blades are made for impact toughness while retaining sharp edges.

  • Hardened stainless steel ferrule keeps your arrow's momentum driving through impact.

  • Back edge blades ensure maximum internal hemorrhaging.

  • Cut on contact Tanto tip for added piercing strength.

  • Low profile blades for optimal accuracy and penetration.

  • 125 Grains

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Patented Design (US Patent 10,054,409)