Steve Flores

steve flores iron will bull elk.jpg

Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing “mountain” whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....whitetail deer.

Today, Steve shares his knowledge of “mountain” whitetail bowhunting through the pages of major outdoor magazines such as Petersen’s Hunting, Bowhunting World, Deer and Deer Hunting and North American Whitetail. His insightful and helpful tips can also be found on various websites throughout the internet. In addition, he serves as a Pro-Staff member for Mathews and uses Sitka gear exclusively for all of his hunts.

When he is not writing or chasing whitetails, Steve can be found spending time in the outdoors with his wife and three children. He also enjoys weight training and a variety of outdoor activities.

His advice for any newcomers to bow hunting is to simply have fun, enjoy God’s gift that is the great outdoors and forget about the “trophy” aspect of the hunt. He feels that animal’s taken and number of points won’t really matter when all is said and done. What will matter is your time spent with loved ones, memories made in the field, and ultimately....your relationship with God.

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