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Tony Trietch

Tony Trietch is a hunter, writer, carpenter and entrepreneur - and he's exceptional at all of it. His big game hunts span all over the west and midwest. He's figured out a recipe for consistently drawing dream hunts, and ends up chasing whatever he draws. For 2017, his lineup includes eight deer, two elk, and a moose. Tony said, "Even with over 30 years of archery hunting experience, I still get as excited about hunting as I did when I was 12. I live to chase big mature animals in the mountains and plains states." Primarily a solo hunter, Tony does most of his hunting on public land. 

"I only use what I consider to be the best equipment on the market. My time afield is too precious to use inferior gear."

Outdoor, Hunting, or Conservation Groups:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Justin Davis

Justin Davis is a hunter through-and-through. After cutting his teeth bow hunting across Colorado, his passion for the hunt has led him to successfully target many species across the country nearly year-round, including elk, antelope, whitetail, mule deer, coues deer, black bear, and turkey. His Iron Will mentality drives him to continuously optimize his bow setups and hunting tactics, ensuring he is always as prepared as possible for each hunt. With all the time he spends preparing himself and his equipment for hunts, he counts on his broadheads to be as reliable as possible to finish the job. 

"I rely on tough equipment in the field and need products that work! I think Iron Will Outfitters makes an amazing broadhead. The durability and craftsmanship is second to none."

Outdoor, Hunting, or Conservation Groups:

Colorado Bowhunter's Association

Hunter Welch

Hunter Welch may be the youngest member of the Iron Will Outfitters Pro Team, but his hunting ethics have proven more mature than many three or four times his age. On a recent Manitoba black bear hunt with his father, a young three-legged bruin emerged before them. Hobbling on exposed bone, the bear had apparently been the victim of an illegal trap and resorted to gnawing off his leg. Without a second thought, Hunter sent his Iron Will Outfitters v100 broadhead into the bear. Instead of waiting for a larger, healthier bear to emerge, Hunter took it into his own hands to put the injured animal out of its misery; Filling his tag and ending his hunt in the process. We think that's quite the trophy, Hunter. 

Hunter, as his name suggests, has been at it nearly his whole life. He started sitting in ground blinds with his father, progressed to chipmunk and red squirrel hunting, then grew into turkey, deer, bear, and elk hunting with a bow. 

Outdoor, Hunting, or Conservation Groups:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Chippewa Bow Hunters

Les Welch

Some people were born to hunt. Les Welch is one of those individuals. Similar to Iron Will Outfitters Co-Founder Bill Vanderheyden, Les grew up chasing Wisconsin small game and whitetails. After years of harvesting countless whitetails with his bow, including many Pope & Young, he was ready for his next challenge - hunting western big game. 

Since committing to become a successful western big game hunter, Les has targeted numerous antelope, mule deer, and elk, all with a 100% success rate. Les carries an Iron Will mentality into each of his hunts, as well as off-season preparations. After his first western hunt, he realized he would need to be in top physical condition to continue to find success. Just a few months later, he had already lost sixty pounds and 20% body fat. Les is now an Ironman Triathlete, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Coach.

Outdoor, Hunting, or Conservation Groups: 

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - Wisconsin Chapter Chair