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Hunter Welch

Hunter Welch may be the youngest member of the Iron Will Outfitters Pro Team, but his hunting ethics have proven more mature than many three or four times his age. On a recent Manitoba black bear hunt with his father, a young three-legged bruin emerged before them. Hobbling on exposed bone, the bear had apparently been the victim of an illegal trap and resorted to gnawing off his leg. Without a second thought, Hunter sent his Iron Will Outfitters v100 broadhead into the bear. Instead of waiting for a larger, healthier bear to emerge, Hunter took it into his own hands to put the injured animal out of its misery; Filling his tag and ending his hunt in the process. We think that's quite the trophy, Hunter. 

Hunter, as his name suggests, has been at it nearly his whole life. He started sitting in ground blinds with his father, progressed to chipmunk and red squirrel hunting, then grew into turkey, deer, bear, and elk hunting with a bow. 

Outdoor, Hunting, or Conservation Groups:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Chippewa Bow Hunters