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The Iron Will Outfitters Story

Iron Will Outfitters began as a mechanical engineer's quest for a broadhead as reliable as science allows. Scratch that, it began earlier, in 2004, with a released arrow that didn't hold up to its end of the bargain. Bill Vanderheyden, Lead Engineer and Co-Founder, had finally found and shot his dream bull elk; a trophy-of-a-lifetime. To his devastation, he immediately noticed his well-placed arrow had almost no penetration. He never saw that massive bull again, and resolved to create the ideal broadhead – one he could trust to perform at the moment of truth.

Bill and Eric Whiting, Co-Founder, met in 2011 while bow hunting high in the Colorado wilderness. After multiple hunts and marathon packouts together, it was evident Bill had achieved his goal of creating the optimal broadhead. While resting atop a high ridge, shortly after deboning another elk, they decided to team up beyond the wild as Iron Will Outfitters. 

Iron Will Outfitters originated with a resolution to create the ideal broadhead. Standing firm to these roots, their promise to bow hunters is to always use optimal materials and the highest performing designs science allows. Engineered for maximum penetration and accuracy, even at extended distances, the Iron Will Outfitters vSeries broadheads work as hard as the hunter. So when an arrow sails down range at a once-in-a-lifetime animal, they can count on seeing their trophy again at home. 

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Bill Vanderheyden, Co-Founder/Lead Engineer

Eric Whiting, Co-Founder

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