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One Broadhead, Two Elk for Twin Brothers

"I wanted to reach out and say thanks for the broadhead. I am glad to report that your product performed as advertised!  From a downward angle, my twin brother Trevor’s arrow shot completely through the front shoulder blade and exited through the last rib of a cow elk. A week later I took the same broadhead and made a 57 yard shot on a bull elk, again resulting in a complete pass through. The v100 broadhead showed little sign of damage in the end. Now that I’ve found the arrow and the condition is still acceptable, I will attempt to fill my cow tag with it as well. Thanks again for a premium product and wish me luck!”

-Travis Stav


Travis Stav

v100 broadhead after passing through the second elk. 

Trevor Stav

Backcountry Bow Hunting Success

"For bow hunters that go the extra mile, much culminates and rides on a successful shot. I engineered the Iron Will Broadheads so when a massive bull is down range, I can trust my broadhead to finish the job and perform as well as science allows."

-Bill Vanderheyden, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer

Bill's backcountry bull elk taken with an Iron Will Outfitters v100 broadhead.